After Corona? - MUSIC INDUSTRY (Part II)
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After Corona? - MUSIC INDUSTRY (Part II)

The subject that we have explored, possibly more than any other, in the past year of The Possibility Club podcast has been the impact of the pandemic on the music industry.

We’ve heard perspectives on festivals and clubs from Norman Cook as well as the plight of venues from Mark Davyd and the Music Venue Trust. We spoke to songwriter Fiona Bevan and opera singer Meeta Raval about lockdown through an artists’ lens. 


It has been the microcosm of the macrocosm - an industry that was already under significant strain, learning the hard way that the 21st century is turning out to be very very different from the one before. Also the music industry is, at once, the jewel in the UK’s economic crown punching above its weight around the world - and also an increasingly hostile place for new and emerging performers, writers or venues that people to take a few risks. Pre-COVID-19, all was not well - but the opportunities were huge. Afterwards, it will be similar - but potentially in different ways.

In this episode, we return to music, and all of its diverse slipstreams, one last time.

Our special contributors, thinking hard about what comes next, are:

  • Rachael Perrin, a musician, social entrepreneur and creative industries coach - known by many for being the co-founder and co-director of community music facilitators, Soundcastle.
  • Thom Milner-Smith is a music and live events promoter based in Worthing on the south coast. His company, atom presents, produces different scale gigs and shows - and had to make some big decisions over the past 18 months.
  • And Laura Vane is known as ’the little lady with the big voice’, a singer of her own volition collaborating closely with acts such as The Streets, Gnarls Barkley and MJ Cole - and also the frontwoman Anglo-Dutch funk band The Vipertones. 

Each of these guests are speaking in a personal capacity, and from the heart, from different stages in the pandemic - from right back at the start when lockdown was a novelty, to more recently in Spring 2021 with the UK cautiously opening up.

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